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    Welcome to the Iowa Greyhound Association!

    The Iowa Greyhound Association's website is designed to provide information about the dog racing industry in the state. The IGA's goal is to promote and market the sport of greyhound racing and grow its fan base and provide entertainment to the great citizens of Iowa and the Midwest.





    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, June 06 @ 14:51:22 EDT (38 reads)

    IGA ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING SATURDAY JULY 15, 2017 10 AM. To. 3 PM Hampton Inn 6210 SE Convenience Blvd ANKENY, IOWA. 50021

    Everyone that wants live greyhound racing to continue in Iowa needs to be there.

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    Posted by Admin on Wednesday, March 08 @ 13:26:06 EST (361 reads)

    Iowa Greyhound Membership meeting, April 1,2017 is canceled. The members will receive cards with a new date when we can set a new time and place.

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    Greyhound Racing Cessation Fund
    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, January 24 @ 18:31:11 EST (550 reads)

    The State is not using outside firms to process any payments from the Greyhound Cessation Fund. Attached is a list of individuals/entities, along with amounts to be paid, that was sent to be processed by payment processing today. Please note, we do not have any specific time frame on how long it will take for payment warrants to be issued. Abatti, Katherine $14.87- Achong, Michaeleen $572.40- Allen, Kenneth $469.97- Ametrano, Joseph $205.31- Anthony, Timothy $41.12- Armington, Richard $519.62- Arno, Burton $3,030.52- Arno, Jon $5,659.30- Arno, Mark (YO MY KENNELS) $58,390.31- Assam, Jennifer $572.40- Baker, William $173.82- Ballard, Mitchell $576.80- Barry, John $35.14- BARTLEY CORPORATION $241,968.44- Bartley, Kate $2,488.82- Bartley, Ricky $10,419.46- Bartley, Travis $5,813.80- Bean, Dale (TYVILLE INC.) $144,565.10- Becker, Kathy $387,232.02- Benedict, Andrea $965.63- Bennett, Scott $68.63- Berland, Vincent $31,550.27- Biehle, Kenneth $1,752.29- Bitterman, Paul $9,476.79- Black, Clayton (BLACK KENNEL/BLAKE & BLACK) $300,093.07- Black, Theodore $6,384.14- Blair, Clinton $1,707.32- Blair, Jeff $136.52- Blanchard, James E. $3,176.85- Blanchard, James J. $2,158.77- Blankenhorn, Kurt (I C KENNELS) $17,236.13- BLU TOO KENNEL $11,547.09- BOC'S GREYHOUNDS, INC. $13,043.12- BOECKENSTEDT KENNEL $203,189.85- Boeckenstedt, Blake $4,401.92- Boeckenstedt, Brad $170,999.06- Boeckenstedt, Carl J. $105.37- Botts, Randall (BOTTS KENNEL) $15,653.46- Boyd, John $248.31- Brende, Timothy $11,968.36- Brookman, Brett $623.73- Butkus, Ronald $1,097.82- Cahill, David $972.30- Cahill, George $681.68- CALABRO GREYHOUND FARM LLC $71,101.51- Calabro, Joseph C. $2,983.02- Calabro, Joseph E. (BLANCHARD - CALABRO) $54,479.58- Calabro, Susan $246.44- Canapp, Cheryl $70,983.41- Caple, Paul $461.86- Carey, Douglas $46.19- Carlisle, Kevin $2,391.01- Carroll, Mike $2,703.24- Carroll, Terry $4,031.86- Carter, Vicki $7.57- Caskey, Randy $12,598.40- Cassidy, Michael $444.58- Chrisman, Marvin $445.59- CLAYTON BLACK KENNEL $79,798.71- Cole, Jeffrey $52,830.77- Collins, Patrick (PAT C GREYHOUND INC.) $93,622.80- Conidaris, Robert $313.13- Cook, Roy $202.29- Corrigan, William $46.46- Cossel, Gary $145,459.38- Cottle, David $9,016.84- Crawford, Gerald $1,149.90- Criswell, Cheyenne $12,927.16- Criswell, Rod $305.02- Cullen, Luke $1,060.34- Curran, Jean $5,532.09- Curry, Dennis $1,114.53- Curry, Wanda $17.11- Dalton, John $2,486.93- Dalton, Sidney $137.53- DeAngelo, Bianca $8,039.76- Deuel, Gregory $1,120.03- Dickinson, John $280.29- Donoghue, Christopher $50.77- Draper, John $84.36- Dunigan, Samuel $598.57- Dunlap, James $266.73- Edgar, Michelle $613.74- Edgar, Tammy $560.46- Elliott, Bill $415.10- Ertl, Allan $85,841.68- Ertl, Timothy $19,144.19- ESTATE OF ROBERT LOUIS LITKE $1,418.62- ESTATE OF WILLIAM LOCKHART/L & K KENNEL LLP $102,256.77- Feller, James $2,941.26- Ferris, Thomas $622.16- Finegan, Randy $121.39- Fischer, James $231.81- FISHER FARM & KENNELS, LLC/JAKE'S PLACE KENNELS $26,086.25- Fisher, Jack $1,417.52- Fisher, Jason $263.29- Flahive, Darren $172.49- Ford, Michial $1,377.65- Fortunato, Russell $41.27- Fortune, Lori $5,720.82- Frenette, Joseph $966.03- Frino, Michael $131.70- Fusaro, Joseph $1,381.58- Galbreath, William $21,156.31- Gardner, Edward $2,753.61- Gibson, Floyd $75.33- Gilster, Bryce (BRYCE GILSTER INC.) $42,240.74- Gilster, Steven $203.82- Glass, Carla $9,340.11- Greder, Lois (MID CONTINENT ENTERPRISES INC) $964.99- Gresham, Kevin $521.10- Haber, Terry (HABER KENNELS INC) $92.40- Haggard, Billy $1,815.99- Hambleton, James $20,899.82- Hamilton, Pamela $21,310.93- Hanson, Carlton $2,189.85- Hardison, John $22,113.76- Hardison, Robert (HARDISON KENNEL/HARDISON KENNELS) $421,138.79- HARLAN BROS KENNEL INC. $206,190.04- Harlan, Bobby $11,038.22- Harlan, Gregory $70,288.00- Harlan, Jerry $11,038.22- Hastings, Kathleen $211.59- Hasty, Mickey $50,573.08- Heath, Charles $3,560.01- Heinzle, Gary $9,675.15- Henneberry, Erin $1,581.79- Henry, Rachelle $125.71- Henry, Shannon $15,159.64- Hess, Brad $1,743.71- Hess, Jason (XTREM KENNEL/XTREM RACING) $63,411.91- Hill, Alan (SUPERIOR KENNEL) $261,609.63- Holding, Harold $458.28- Hollar, Terry $122.74- Hoopes, Monte $324.29- Hoopes, Susan $10,545.08- Howe, Henry $16.08- Hughes, Eldon $1,041.30- Hume, Robert $11,255.60- Hupp, Connie (GREYHOUNDS KOUNTRY KENNEL) $295.89- Hymes, Michael (BLACK OAK KENNEL) $796.87- IOWA RACERS LLC $94,832.57- J & J CALABRO KENNEL LLC $491.21- JACKSON GREYHOUNDS LLC $84,633.21- Jackson, Dennis $86.68- Jackson, Michael $42,750.67- JACOBS RACING KENNEL INC $299.53- Jacobs, Monte $1,571.74- Jameson, Betty $39.29- JM RACING LLC $13,344.14- Johnson, Robert $1,884.10- Junk, Jeffrey $34,862.96- Junk, Mark $36,314.85- Junk, Paula $6,164.99- Kates, Jerry $639.89- Kates, Stacy $353.53- KEEPER RED ROCK KENNEL LLC $240,519.62- Kelley, William $775.31- Kelly, John $3,153.70- Kendig, Ronald $46,080.38- Kessler, Jeffrey $1,720.92- King, Jimmy $94,732.06- KJ'S VENTURES INC. $8,225.90- Koerner, JoAnn (KOERNER KENNEL) $3,628.31- Kostishak, Richard $425.39- Kreiser, Robert $1,085.52- KREISERS GREYHOUNDS $85.92- Krug, James $9,818.07- Labetti, Michael $914.23- Lane, Austin $17.75- Lane, Kenneth $28,084.46- Leewis, Adrie $24.72- LeFebvre, Gary $34,249.55- LeFebvre, Kenneth $92,552.99- Legg, Chelsea $6,815.73- Legg, Herbert (TOP DOG GREYHOUNDS) $43,088.13- Legg, Karen $35,038.55- Legg, Keith $3,278.76- Lent, Joseph $18,215.79- LEWIS & RYDER RACING LLC $18,829.53- Lewis, Brian $50,863.69- Lewis, Michael $1,265.97- Limmer, Peter $1,954.09- Lipari, Jason $1,338.97- Lockhart, Robert $2,377.25- Locklear, Clinton $304.43- Lockwood, Stephen $9,719.16- Loria, John $1,053.22- Lovely, James (SEASTROM-LOVELY KENNEL) $135,788.84- Malone, Charles $15,529.52- McCarthy, William $241.33- McLaughlin, Greg $10,444.68- Melillo, John $617.35- Meyer, Nicholas $19,791.95- MICKIM KENNEL, INC. $181,500.38- Miller, Harold $91,718.82- Miller, James $309.70- Miller, Sharan $14,530.27- Mills, Franklin $2,495.94- Miner, Dean $16,074.38- Mleynek, Dennis $56,788.40- Montoya, Michael $69,502.55- Mooneyham, Brandon $420.76- Morin, Claude $496.62- MRL METALS LLC $503.95- Muhlbauer, Michael $3.30- Mullen, Charles $179.00- Mullen, Edward $372.26- Mullen, Ronald $103,583.69- Mundus, Lee $30,455.39- Murray, Alan $817.63- Neubauer, Scott (NEUBAUER KENNELS) $15,651.75- Newpower, William $316.37- Occhino, Ann $2,673.60- Olmstead, Michael $30,766.84- Olson, Harland $994.46- Olson, Mavis $5,961.02- Osborne, Christina $421.87- OXBOW TROW KENNEL $49,903.10- Owen, Andrew (OWEN KENNELS) $3,812.17- Parker, Bobby $514.46- Parvin, Wesley $1,276.89- Pattison, Richard $131.70- Pearson, Ferrell $66.19- Pelzer, Michael $1,033.49- PETZOLD RACING, LLC $160,188.29- Petzold, David $3,054.62- Pfeiler, Amy $1,866.35- Phifer, Arden $9,227.73- Piper, Alan $3,972.43- PLUM CREEK KENNEL INC. $375,727.34 Potter, James $2,380.87- Puccio, Donna $8.07- Purvis, Kenneth $1,300.14- QUAD CITIES GREYHOUND ADOPTION $26,086.25- R & F KENNEL INC $2,869.46- Rader, Norman $29,825.67- Randle, Marc $1,929.72- Randle, William $32.15- Rangel IV, Victor $5,270.76- Rangel, Alicia $161.39- RCK KENNELS LLC $531.04- Recinos, Joni $35,490.25- Recker, Andrew $7,851.04- Recker, Joseph $110,451.62- Recker, Philip $13.15- Recker, Thomas $26,167.17- Reicherts, Gary $139,430.36- Rentz, Chad E. $103.13- Reuer, Crystal $630.01- Reuer, Linette (LEGG KENNEL LLC) $191,937.51- Reyes, Simon $3,430.75- Rider, Dennis $477.77- Rider, Kenton $926.68- Rider, Luetta $14,396.13- Rider, Mary $362.62- Rider, Robert $5,162.69- Rimmer, Delores $667.20- Rink, Charles $363.57- RIVER BLUFFS INC $198,851.06- Robinette, David $209,583.72- Robinette, Mary (PILOT GROVE KENNEL) $197,873.45- Robinson, John $1,595.39- Roden, Brent $6,079.98- Roeder, John $1,951.92- ROGER L. SPIESS TRUST, SHANNON SPIESS TRUSTEE/IOWA FOOLS $2,671.14- Rosga, James $3,392.17- Ross, Jacki (LEGG GREYHOUNDS) $21,344.40- Rubins, Phillip $4,102.88- Rummens, Gary $20,881.30- Ryan, Donald (RYAN FARMS) $6,851.13 Ryan, Kenneth $270.53- Ryder, Alan $1,606.33 Samuels, Gary $104.10- Sandquist, Kevin $2,395.92- Sandquist, Michele $2,317.42- Sarras, Steve $314.94- Sartori, Jason $7,281.26- Schaben, Duane $41,548.65- Schaben, Randy $113,522.95- Schlachter, Stephen $471.28- Schmidt, Melissa $80,487.35- Schoop, Robert $22,788.37- Scitern, Coy $1,261.13- SEASTROM KENNELS INC $808.87- Seelke, Bob $144.89- Seelke, Joanna $144.89- Shaw, Allyn L. $463.94- Shivers, Debra $1,954.41- Shook, Christopher $6,583.03- Shook, Gail $117,343.05- Shook, John (ROYAL KENNEL) $42,041.49- Sifferman, Roger $2.32- Silker, Wayne $29,153.72- SMITH GREYHOUNDS INC. $36,985.98- Smith, Brian $120,214.68- Smith, Craig $787.51- Smith, Green $10,393.32- Spahos, Mark $564.85- Staats, Tommie $800.57- Stapleton, Concepta $11,343.06- Stapleton, Philip $398.61- Steel, Katherine $51,064.15- Steffan-Ertl, Susan $1,261.13- STIDHAM RACING, LLC/STIDHAM & STOUT LLP $43,373.76- Stidham, Jon $120,770.54- Stout, Michael $109,271.87- Strickland, Deborah (DEBORAH L. STRICKLAND TRUST) $4,080.32- Strong, Marcile $901.05- Sugihara, Tom (SUGIHARA GREYHOUNDS) $29,687.53- Sullivan, David (D S KENNEL/SULLIVAN GREYHOUND KENNEL) $53,515.00- SUPERIOR SWEETCORN CITY $2,585.16- SWEET CORN CITY KENNEL/BOB RIDER KENNEL $53,301.87- Tacy, Jean $226.48- Taplin, Connie $12,875.55- Taplin, Thomas $15,285.83- Taplin, Timothy (GREYHOUNDS IOWA FARM) $14,114.91- Tater, Lisa $174.75- Templeton, Douglas $72.39- TOMCO HOUNDS LLC $4,525.78- Trow, Edward $3,540.71- Trudden, Joseph $341.87- Tuohy, David (TIPS RACING LLC) $248.79- Turner, Kenneth $744.75- Ungs, David (COPPER KETTLE KENNEL) $148,952.51- Ungs, Jacob $1,557.68- VanWinkle, James (VANWINKLE GREYHOUNDS INC) $285.46- Vigar, Rex $182.71- Vincent, Jesse $41.25- Vincent, Shelly $8,495.94- Wadlington, Larry $96.18 Wagner, Thomas $621.31- Wagner, William $7,478.62- Waller, Shania $600.02- Waller, Tim $82,137.80- Ward, Julia $97,662.83- Ward, Steven $1,171.86- Watson, James $464.30- WAYNE R WARD INC/BARTLEY CORP AND WAYNE R WARD INC $34,008.77- Webb, Brian $273.17- Weber, John $3,792.30- Werner, Brian $76.78- Wheeland, Chelsea $7,080.24- Wick, Penny $966.60- Wildey, Tracy $496.17- Wilhite, Jeana (WILHITE KENNEL) $119,023.19- Wilhite, Richard $199.46- Williams, Jerry $65.90- Williams, Sharon $1,139.36- Wiltse, Ronald $3,507.21- Witt, Brian $1,359.78- Wong, Ray $26.83- WOODALL KENNELS, INC. $79,725.93- Woodall, Bobby (WOODALL RACING INC.) $19.20- Wyman, Jared $846.30- Yates, Beverly (YATES PUPPY FARM) $50,163.72- Young, Stacey $14.49- Younts, Cameron $1,752.25- Zenner, Daniel $54,411.73- Zimmerman, Sharon $51.99

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    Greyhound Racing Attention
    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, January 17 @ 12:12:20 EST (550 reads)

    Anyone interested in a booking at Iowa Greyhound Park please respond to Matt Kingdon Matt.kingdon@kirkefinancial.com Anyone wanting to lease dogs to kennels at IGP contact Matt.

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    Greyhound Racing 2017 Greyhound Adoption Reunion
    Posted by Admin on Saturday, January 07 @ 09:12:09 EST (297 reads)

    SATURDAY JULY 15th 2017 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Iowa Greyhound Park Dubuque, Iowa

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    Greyhound Racing READ! READ PLEASE! READ!
    Posted by Admin on Wednesday, December 28 @ 13:50:57 EST (538 reads)

    Please pay your 2017 IGA dues by January 31,2017 You will be receiving your IGA news in January with date,time and location for our annual meeting. Anyone that has changed locations the past year please get your new address to me. Not only for your newsletter but update for cessation fund payments. Beverly Yates.....treasurer

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    Greyhound Racing $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup Stakes Final at the Iowa Greyhound Park by Steve Siga
    Posted by Admin on Monday, October 24 @ 21:03:17 EDT (446 reads)

    DUBUQUE, Iowa - Timing is everything.

    Rf River made an early lead stand up on the way to a lengths triumph in the $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup Stakes at the Iowa Greyhound Park on Saturday, Oct. 22.

    He is peaking at the right time, said co-owner (along with Joni Recinos) Alan Hill. Hes peaked in his last couple of races.

    Hill was pointing to Rivers wins in the last two qualifying rounds of the IBC where she took early leads and won comfortably by three and four lengths.

    Looking back, putting Rf River, a 68-pounder, born Dec. 28, 2014 out of Kc And All Af Nala, in the IBC was a no brainer.

    She is one of the better pups in our kennel, said Hill. We felt she had a chance to make the final. But when she did make the final and we saw the rest of the field, we knew it would be tough.

    It helped when Rf River drew the one box which is a good box for her.

    Winning a stakes championship is a combination of having a greyhound said Hill, good enough to win, getting the right post and then having a lot of luck.

    Rf River broke third from her one box, not quite as good a break as the kennel had hoped but her charge to the first turn was decisive. Working the rail, Rf River passed Bs Rebel (Wayne R. Ward), who had popped the three box, halfway down the front stretch.

    Getting into the first turn, River slipped into a length and a half lead. River kept her lead throughout the rest of the race. However it got close late in the homestretch as O Ya Pawtycrasher (Wayne R. Ward) came charging.

    We knew eight (Pawtycrasher came out of the eight box) is a strong closer, said Hill.

    But O Ya Pawtycrasher could only get within a length at the wire as Rf River, 27-11-4-3, claimed the title.

    The second-place finish was a double-disappointment for O Ya Pawtycrasher. A victory would have given Pawtycrasher, 32-14-8-5, who was sent to the boxes as the favorite, a share of the 2016 victory championship at IGP.

    Bs Rebel, 31-6-7-3, settled for third, also a length back.

    Three and a half lengths back in fourth was Als Flyer (Xtrem Hess), 29-6-6-7.

    In fifth, a length and a half behind Flyer was Jd Accomplice (Stidham), 18-10-4-2, who had been seen as a favorite in some quarters.

    Six lengths back in sixth was Sh Ozaki (Stidham), 31-7-3-7, who was just ahead of Dubuque Classic champion Joeslittlepebble (Copper Kettle), 29-7-6-4. A half-length back of the pair was Dnt Finbarclancy (T And T), 26-8-6-4.

    For the patrons, Rf River paid $7.00, $3.00 and $2.60; Oya Partycrasher paid $2.80 and $2.40; Bs Rebel paid $4.20. The 1-8 quiniela paid $7.60; the 1-8-3 tri-box paid $46.30; the 1-8-3-7 .10 superfecta paid $33.85; the 6-2-1 $1 pick 3 paid $224.20.

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    Greyhound Racing fourth and final round of qualifying for the $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup
    Posted by Admin on Tuesday, October 18 @ 12:42:44 EDT (437 reads)

    DUBUQUE, Iowa Form held in the fourth and final round of qualifying for the $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup at the Iowa Greyhound Park on Sunday, October 16.

    Seven of the greyhounds in the top eight slots on the points list after the third round stayed there, with some minor shuffling, to advance to the championship race.

    But the eighth finalist, boy did he climb over a lot of rivals to make the big field.

    DNT Finbarclancy (T And T Kennel) broke fifth and kept coming to rally in the homestretch to win by a length and in the opening of the three fourth-round races. The win vaulted the 70-pounder, born June 29, 2014 out of Djays Octane Ahs Salma from a tied for 16th in the points to sixth for his berth in the final. Finbarclancy will take a 25-8-6-4 record into the title run.

    Three greyhounds finished the third round tied for the lead in points. They finished the fourth round first and in a tie for third in points.

    Jd Accomplice (Stidham), 17-10-4-2, led early and held on for a half-length lead in the last of the fourth-round races. Accomplice finished as the top points earners with 72, based on three wins and a second.

    Jd Accomplice could easily be favored by the patrons at post time for the IBC.

    Tied for third with 54 points is Als Flyer and Bs Rebel. Flyer (Xtrem Hess), 28-6-6-7, had a miserable fourth round, finishing sixth. Rebel (Ward), 30-6-7-2, also struggled home with a sixth.

    Leaping into second in points with 60 is Rf River (Superior), 26-10-4-3. River had been tied for seventh after three rounds but put on a nice fourth-round effort. She went box-to-wire from the one and won pulling away by four lengths. Rf River may draw interest in the final as she won in the last two rounds.

    Oya Pawtycrasher moved up a bit from a tie for seventh to fifth with 52 points, passing Joeslittlepebble, who dropped from fifth to seventh with 50 points. Pawtycrasher (Ward), 31-14-7-5, put up a second in the fourth round. Pebble (Copple Kettle), 28-7-6-4, finished fourth in her fourth round race.

    Completing the title field is Sh Ozaki (Stidham) but only after a big scare. Trouble in the fourth round left Ozaki chasing everyone and he finished last, missing seventh by .01 of a second. The zero points for the last left Ozaki with 48 and tied with O Ya Chatter Box for the last spot in the title race. Going to the first tie-breaker, most wins in the qualifiers, Ozaki got the nod with two wins to Chatter Boxs one.

    O Ya Chatter Box (Ward) 18-1-4-8, gets the not real happy with it honor of heading up the Iowa Bred Consolation, a run-off for the greyhounds who finished ninth through 16th in the points. It is not the big prize but it is a stakes and some stakes money.

    Jason Baconmaker (Copper Kettle), 22-7-3-1, was sixth after the third round but a fifth in the fourth round dropped him all the way down to 18th.

    Two greyhounds made big jumps to get into the Consolation.

    Ls Tyme (Boeckenstedt), 22-5-4-5, got a second in the fourth round and jumped from a tied for 21st to a tie for 12th. Jd Dignity (Stidham), 29-9-6-8, finished third in the fourth round and moved from 20th to 14th.

    Kiss My Dust (Black), 28-7-9-4, finished 11th with 40 points. Jws Go With It (Copper Kettle), 29-9-4-3, tied for 12th with 38.

    There was a logjam for the final two spots in the Consolation. Using the tie-breakers most wins, then most second, most thirds, etc., O Ya Kapow (Ward), 26-5-7-6, and Rf Zula (Superior), 18-4-6-1, survived after five greyhounds had earned 34 points.

    The $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup and the Iowa Bred Consolation will be held on Saturday, October 22, the last day of the 2016 season at the Iowa Greyhound Park.

    Iowa Breeders Cup Champions that have won the breeder race at Dubuque

    1985 JCs Rocky

    1986 AC Rocket Star

    1987 - Ale Mamas Gent

    1988 LW Buck Eye

    1989 Teach Pressure

    1990 Mystic Winds;

    1991 Noble Bahama

    1992 Noble Bahama

    1993 Lana Jane

    1994 Crazy Eight

    1995 Lightning Lester

    1996 Lucky Loretta

    1997 Rainier Replica

    1998 Lucky Loretta

    1999 Rainier Rainy

    2000 PC Carol

    2001 Badger Lisa

    2002 Frank Furter

    2003 Cals Pair A Dice

    2004 Pounce It Pooch

    2005 Spider Hole

    2006 Sooner Rush

    2007 Pat C Game Face

    2008 Astartwelvegauge

    2009 Hilco Vision

    2010 End Of Story

    2011 Superior Crown,

    2012 O Ya Scout

    2013 Killer Carew

    2014 Pat C Sabbath

    2015 AJs Callie

    Story by Steve Sigafoose

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    Greyhound Racing 3rd round $145,000 Iowa Breeder Race by Steve Sigafoose
    Posted by Admin on Friday, October 14 @ 10:11:51 EDT (397 reads)

    DUBUQUE, Iowa The field for the $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup at the Iowa Greyhound Park is down to 24 greyhounds following the third qualifying round on Wednesday, October 12.

    Als Flyer (Xtrem Hess), Bs Rebel (Wayne R. Ward) and Jd Accomplice (Stidham) topped the points list with 52 points apiece.

    Bs Rebel, 29-6-7-2, defeated Als Flyer, 27-6-6-7, in the fourth of the third-round races on Wednesday by four lengths to give both greyhounds two wins and a second in the qualifiers.

    Jd Accomplice, 16-9-4-2, ran a second in the third round. The trio should be in good shape to make the championship field.

    Sh Ozaki, 29-7-3-7, rallied from seventh to finish in third place in his third-round race. That goes with two early wins to give Ozaki 48 points.

    Sitting fifth in the points list is Joeslittlepebble (Copper Kettle), 27-7-6-4. After collecting two wins, Pebble had to rally to get a fourth in the third round and has a total of 45 points.

    Jason Baconmaker (Copper Kettle) is sixth with 43 points. A solid length and a half win in the third round got Baconmaker, 21-7-3-1, back into the thick of the points chase.

    Rounding out the top eight are Oya Pawtycrasher (Wayne R. Ward), 30-14-6-5, and Rf River (Superior), 25-9-4-3. River jumped into the chase with a nice three-length win in the third round.

    The top eight greyhounds have an edge. Traditionally, six or seven of the top eight do well enough in the final round to advance to the championship race.

    But there is plenty still out there for the taking. Kiss My Dust (Clayton Black), 27-8-8-4, is ninth with 37 points, only six points more than a trio of greyhounds in slots No. 15-17. Thats important also because the Iowa Bred Consolation sends the No. 9 through No. 16 greyhounds to the starting boxes for a taste of the stakes money,

    The last spot in the 24-greyhound field had to be decided by a coin toss. Pg No Way Nozay (Xtrem Hess) won the toss and Kjo Starsky (Copper Kettle) is out after the pair tied with 25 points.

    The fourth round of the qualifiers is set for Sunday, October 16. The championship race and the Consolation will be held on the final day of the Iowa Greyhound Park 2016 season on Saturday, October 22.

    The standings after the third round (with kennels):

    Als Flyer (Xtrem Hess) 52; Bs Rebel (Wayne R. Ward) 52; Jd Accomplice (Stidham) 52; Sh Ozaki (Stidham) 48; Joeslittlepebble (Copper Kettle) 45; Jason Baconmaker (Copper Kettle) 43; Oya Pawtycrasher (Wayne R. Ward) 40; Rf River (Superior) 40;

    Kiss My Dust (Clayton Black) 37; O Ya Chatter Box (Wayne R. Ward) 36; Jws Go With It (Copper Kettle) 33; L Cat Woman (Wayne R. Ward) 33; O Ya Kapow (Wayne R. Ward) 33; Rf Zula (Superior) 33; Final Emperor (Clayton Black) 32; Gts Flick (T And T) 31; Dnt Finbarclancy (T And T) 31; Pg Zeus (Xtrem Hess) 31

    Jd Bombshell (Stidham) 29; Jd Dignity (Stidham) 27; Bocs Big Buck (Boeckenstedt) 26; Ls Tyme (Boeckenstedt) 26; Natalya Simonova (Jackson) 26; Pg No Way Nozay (Xtrem Hess) 25.

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    Greyhound Racing Iowa Breeders Cup second round story by Steve Sigafoose
    Posted by Admin on Monday, October 10 @ 09:17:20 EDT (371 reads)

    DUBUQUE, Iowa There is a crowd at the top of the points list after the second of the four qualifying rounds for the $145,000 Iowa Breeders Cup Stakes at the Iowa Greyhound Park.

    Four greyhounds have won in each of the first two rounds to earn the maximum of 40 points. The dust settled on the second round on Friday, October 7.

    Als Flyer (Xtrem Hess Racing) repeated his first round come-from-behind form, this time coming from third in the homestretch to win by a nose. His first-round win was by a half-length but they are all worth 20 points under the IGPs points system. Als Flyer, a 74-pounder born Oct. 20, 2013 out of Flying Westover Gable Eternity, is 26-6- 5-7 this season at IGP.

    Jd Accomplice (Stidham) held on to win by a neck to go with his five and a half length romp in the first round. Accomplice is a 63-pounder born Dec. 30, 2014 out of Jd Titanium Allisonracinteam. She was third in the Future Star Stakes in September and is 15-9-3-2.

    Joeslittlepebble (Copper Kettle) was impressive. The 65-pounder, born Dec. 2, 2014 out of Ps Gibbs Joes Abby won pulling away by four lengths. Thats a copy-cat effort from her first round when she won pulling away by four and a half length. She spiced the second-round win by posting a time of 31.04 seconds for the 5-16 mile course, the fastest of any of the 13 second-round races. Joeslittlepebble, 26-7-6-4, already has a stakes title under her blanket as she won the Dubuque Course Classic in early September.

    Sh Ozaki (Stidham), 28-7-3-6, won his second round race going away by five lengths, the largest margin of victory posted in the second round. That was a different formula from the first round where Ozaki came from seventh to finally get the lead in the homestretch and win by three-quarters of a length. Sh Ozaki is an 80-pounder, born June 11, 2014 out of all-time national money earner Sh Avatar Money Maid.

    Fifth on the points list with 32 points is Bs Rebel (Wayne R. Ward), 38-5-7-2. She won her second round race going away by three lengths to go with a second place finish in the first round.

    The next three greyhounds are tied with 28 points. The trio earned the points the same way, finishing third in the opening round then winning second round races.

    Oya Pawtycrasher (Wayne R. Ward), 29-14-5-5, won in the second round pulling away by four and a half lengths. A veteran, Pawtycrasher was third in the King & Queen Stakes final on July 4.

    L Cat Woman (Wayne R. Ward), 25-4-3-5, rallied in the homestretch to win by a length to get into the thick of the chase.

    Dnt Finbarclancy (T And T), 23-7-6-4, rallied from fourth in the homestretch to win by a head. Another veteran, Finbarclancy was a finalist in the Dubuque Course Classic championship race.

    After the second round, the field was trimmed to 48 greyhounds for the third round, which will be held on Wednesday, October 12. A greyhound needed to have earned 12 points to advance. But 12 might be enough; doing the math a pair of wins in the final rounds would give a greyhound 52 points, maybe enough to be a candidate for a berth in the championship race on Saturday, October 22

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